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  为了提高本校的办学水平,并给广大家长和学生在注册和账号管理等方面提供更多便利,我们最近刚刚升级了学校的注册管理系统。我们尽可能把旧系统中的家庭和学生数据转移到新系统中。但有的家庭账号如果原有数据不完整(例如缺少电子邮件地址和联系电话),则有可能不能转移到新系统中。如果您的孩子或家中成年人过去在华夏中文学校大费城分校选修过课程,请 点击这里 查询您的家庭账号信息。如果用您所有可能使用的电话或电子邮件都查询不到您的账号,请重新建立您的账号。不便之处,谨表歉意!多谢您的合作!
Recently we have upgraded the online registration system. If you or your kids have studied in Huaxia Chinese School at Great Valley in the past, please click here to retrieve your account. If you could not find your existing account using all possible phone numbers or emails then your account data might not be migrated to the new system due to the imcomplete information. In this case please re-create your family account. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

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